How often should I have acupuncture
Most common in the United States is one treatment per week. For acute conditions, or when a quicker change is sought, two treatments or more per week may be indicated for the first few weeks. Over time, the patient's progress is reviewed and the frequency of visits is adjusted. At a certain point, either the ailment is fully resolved or the patient can determine that he/she has reached an acceptable lifestyle and will graduate from care. For preventive maintenance, a patient can schedule treatment before a stressful event, prior to an irritant such as allergy season, or on a periodic basis throughout the year.

Does it hurt
Patients sometimes report a slight pinching with the insertion of the needles, occasionally followed by a mild ache. These sensations are transitory, and patients can usually rest comfortably for the duration of the treatment.

How many needles are used in each treatment
The number of needles to treat a condition varies. With some styles of treatment and for some conditions, as few as 6 may be used. For some maladies, back pain for example, up to 20 needles or more may be used. On average, about 10 needles are used per treatment.

Are the needles safe
Only sterilized, single-use stainless steel needles are used.

How long does it take
Because we look at the entire body, the initial treatment is more intensive and can take 60-90 minutes. Follow up visits usually last from 45-60 minutes.

Are you a doctor
Some patients seek care from MDs who are licensed to do acupuncture. This is often because insurance companies will reimburse for an MD acupuncture treatment and not for treatment by a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc). At Chrysalis, our practitioners are LAc's, not MDs.

In the state of New York, licensed acupuncturists are required to have 4,700 hours of training. MD acupuncturists have 300. There is no way to absorb enough information in 300 hours to comprehensively administer proper Chinese Medicine. However, since some MDs do put in the thousands of hours to enrich their education, it is important to inquire before seeking care.

Do you accept insurance
We do not accept insurance, but we do provide a receipt with all the medical coding your insurance company will need. Feel free to call your insurance company before your appointment to determine if they will reimburse you.